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2017: Guided Walks in Barnet and London

With Paul Baker, City of London guide
Please phone or email Paul if you are planning to come on a walk.

  • Battle of Barnet‘The Battle of Barnet’
    Explore the famous battlefield of 1471.

    Step back in time to 1471. See how the course of English history was changed on this misty Easter Sunday morning. Hear about the first known ‘friendly fire’ incident in English history.

    Sunday January 15th 11am. Sunday February 26th 2.30pm. Sunday March 12th 11am. Friday April 14th 2.30pm (Special Anniversary Walk). Saturday May 27th 11am. Saturday June 24th 11am. Saturday July 8th 2.30pm. Sunday August 6th 2.30pm. Saturday September 9th 11am. Sunday October 15th 2.30pm. Saturday November 11th 2.30pm.

    Meet at junction of Great North Road and Hadley Green Road.
  • Ghost Walks‘Things That Go Bump in High Barnet!’
    A ghostly, ghoulish walk through High Barnet and Monken Hadley.

    See the pirate’s grave. Hear stories of witchcraft and grisly executions. Suitable for adults and children, and anyone who likes to have the life scared out of them. For Hallowe’en, there is a prize for the spookiest costume!

    Sunday June 18th. Friday September 22nd (Autumn Equinox). Friday 27th/Saturday 28th/Sunday 29th/Monday 30th/Tuesday 31st October (Special Halloween Walks: prizes for spookiest costumes!) All at 7.30pm.

    Meet at High Barnet tube station, outside booking office. Please bring a torch if possible.
  • ‘Dickens in North London’
    Hear about the many Dickens connections with Barnet, Finchley, Hendon, Highgate, Hampstead and north London.

    Dickens knew Barnet's pubs, schools and workhouse extremely well. Explore his connections with Barnet, and with the whole of north London.

    Tuesday February 7th 11am (Special Birthday Walk). Sunday April 16th 2.30pm. Saturday July 15th 2.30pm. Saturday December 2nd 11am (Special Christmas Dickens Walk).

    Meet at High Barnet tube station, outside booking office.
  • ‘Marvellous Mill Hill’
    A fascinating and surprising roam along the Ridgeway and through Mill Hill Village.

    From The Ridgeway to The Broadway, from clapboard cottages to vast villas, from Lord Mayors to Dissenters, from world-famous scientific and religious centres to world-famous abolitionists, from murderers to movie stars - Mill Hill has it all.

    Sunday July 2nd 11am.

    Meet outside Mill Hill East tube station. Finishes at Lawrence St NW7.
  • The Heart of High Barnet‘The Heart of High Barnet’
    A historical walk through High Barnet.

    See the brewery that became a town hall and a church that became a shopping centre. Marvel at some truly beautiful old houses and almshouses. Hear about a fair that was so famous that Cossacks flocked to it, and so infamous that the Victorians tried to close it down.

    Sunday June 4th 2.30pm. Sunday July 23rd 11am.

    Meet outside Barnet College, Wood Street, High Barnet.
  • Monken Hadley‘A Meander through Monken Hadley’
    A historical walk through beautiful, unspoilt, Georgian Monken Hadley.

    This lovely village has some of the finest eighteenth-century houses in the country, lived in by some of the most famous names in English literature. This walk starts at the spot where the previous walk finishes, taking up the story from there.

    Sunday June 11th 2.30pm. Sunday July 30th 11am.

    Meet outside The Spires, Barnet High Street.
  • ‘Hampstead Garden Suburb’
    A Dame's dream, an earthly paradise.

    Quite simply, one of the most beautiful villages in England. Born of early 20th-century idealism, it still bears the hallmarks of great architecture and a noble history. We'll see much evidence of both on this fascinating walk.

    Sunday February 5th 11am. Saturday April 29th 2.30pm.

    Meet outside Golders Green tube station. Finishes at junction of Finchley Rd and Hampstead Way.
  • ‘East Barnet Village’
    A historical walk through ancient and modern East Barnet.

    Of all the Barnets, East Barnet is perhaps the least well-known and most rewarding. It boasts an ancient wood, a village green, a 900-year-old church, and the award-winning Oak Hill Park. We will also see the Ghosts' Promenade, amongst many other delights, old and new.

    Saturday May 6th 2.30pm. Sunday September 3rd 11am.

    Meet outside East Barnet Library, Brookhill Rd.
  • ‘Hooray for Hendon’ (*New Walk*)
    A thousand glorious years, from the Domesday Book to Hendon Aerodrome and beyond.

    Hendon remained largely rural until the 1920s. See the lovely, unspoilt medieval church, and the site where the Court Leet and the Court Baron were held. Hear about local connections with music hall, Arsenal football club – and Dracula!.

    Saturday February 18th 11am. Sunday November 5th 11am.

    Meet outside Hendon Central tube station.
  • ‘Jack the Ripper’
    Walk in the footsteps of the Whitechapel Murderer, better known as Jack the Ripper.

    See the sites where he committed his gruesome murders. Hear how incredibly close he came to being caught, and how unbelievably lucky he was; how terrified the East End became in that awful autumn of 1888, and how Queen Victoria herself became involved. Hear about some of the 200 or more suspects, and which are the most likely to have been the real Jack the Ripper.

    Friday March 17th. Friday September 8th (Commemorative Walk). Both at 6.30pm.

    Meet outside Whitechapel tube station.
  • ‘Soho’
    From sin to cinema: the tumultuous story of this most cosmopolitan of London areas.

    All of life's rich and sometimes tatty tapestry is here. From dukes to decadence, from sex shops to cinema, from chintzy clothes to Chinatown, from kings at play to criminal foul play – Soho has it all, sometimes hidden well away. But we'll winkle out those secret places and tales on this tour.

    Tuesday February 14th 7pm (Valentine’s Day Walk). Sunday March 26th 11am. Friday October 6th 7pm (Night-time Roam).

    Meet outside Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road
  • ‘Spitalfields’
    French, German, Jewish and Bengali refuges have flocked to this fascinating area over the course of several centuries.

    One of the most fascinating areas in the East End. We'll see evidence of the French Huguenot connection, and other waves of German, Irish, Jewish, Bengali and Somali immigration. We'll also explore the fascinating buildings and ancient history of Spitalfields.

    Saturday March 4th 2.30pm. Sunday October 22nd 11am (Commemorative Walk).

    Meet outside Whitechapel Art Gallery, Aldgate East tube station (exit 3).
  • ‘Covent Garden’
    From high society, to highwaymen, to hipsters.

    Built up as an aristocratic quarter, Covent Garden later became an area of bagnios, brothels and beer-houses. It has recently re-emerged as one of London's coolest quarters. There are plenty of (reputable!) restaurants and shops to explore after the walk.

    Sunday May 14th (Mr Punch’s Birthday, and Puppet Festival).

    Meet outside Covent Garden tube station.
  • ‘Trollope Walks’
    Conducted for the Trollope Society, and open to the public. We look at Anthony Trollope's life, and scenes from his London novels.

    These three separate literary walks are open to the public, and cost £10. They always finish in good company in a tea-shop.

    Sunday April 30th (Special Birthday Walk). Sunday July 9th. Sunday October 8th. All at 2pm.

    Meeting-points to be confirmed. Please email or phone Paul for further details.

All walks cost £9. Accompanied under 12s £4 (except walks in French, which cost £12 per adult, and £6 for children under 15 with their parents, see home page; and Trollope walks, which cost £10 per person).

Enquiries about private group bookings and talks on Barnet or London welcome.

For more information about Barnet Walks please call (020) 8440 6805 or 07506 761294.
or e-mail

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